Experience Profile

Food Industry

  • Our capabilities include steel tank repair and minor steel fabrication.  In 2009-2010 we completed over $2 million in carbon steel tank coating and fabrication work for the largest orange juice producer in the world, Cutrale.   As part of our service we are fully capable of cleaning, repairing deteriorated steel, and concrete tanks.

Power Industry

  • Provided complete tank repair and lining services to a demin water storage tank at the Power Plant in Titusville, FL. Project required removing the failing liner and applying a novolac epoxy lining system
  • Provided NACE inspection services to Siemens Westinghouse, Progress Energy (Bartow, Hines Energy Complex, Anclote)
  • Tank Exterior painting and plant intake screen rehabilitation and recoating for Progress Energy
  • Installed containment linings at Tiger Bay Co-Gen Plant (Progress Energy)
  • Crack Injection and Re-lining Cooling Tower Basin at Tiger Bay Co-Gen Plant
  • Re-lined Circulating Water Pipe with Novolac Epoxy at Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant (Florida Power & Light)

Secondary Containment

  • We have installed over 400,000 sf of chemical resistant liners to protect the environment from toxic chemical leeching into the ground over the past nearly 10 years.

Transportation Industry

  • $11 Million Sunshine Skyway post tension cable replacement in 72 pier columns design team project: The Inspection and Consulting group of Exceletech was responsible to record and document the application of the coating systems used to protect the columns from salt water intrusion. Refer to the article in the May 2004 issue of Coatings Pro magazine for the complete story.


  • City Head Works Rehabilitation Project: Exceletech crews removed unsound concrete, decontaminated the remaining sound concrete, followed by total resurfacing and installing a fiber reinforced high chemical resistant epoxy lining. Total area is approx. 9400 sq.ft. including the channels.
  • A master pump station had experienced major deterioration. Steel reinforcing rebar was exposed in several areas and average required depth of repair was almost two inches. Putting the station on bypass, we decontaminated the substrates, removed all unsound concrete and steel, repaired and protected the rebar, followed by resurfacing the concrete using a micro silica enhanced mortar followed by a high chemical resistant fiber reinforced epoxy resin system.
  • Master Pump Station: Removed 6,000 sf of a PVC liner and installed a hand laid-up fiberglass epoxy resin liner. Station was on bypass during operations.

Water Plants

  • County Reverse Osmosis Water Plant: A brand new facility, our crews were on site for 9 months providing every coating and lining function, to include: secondary containment liners, chemical resistant wall coatings in the process, polymer and acid rooms. We also installed a double broadcast epoxy floor coating  to 13,000 sq.ft. in the Process Room. This project is a show piece water Plant.