C & R Epoxy Systems, LLC Joins the Exceletech Family

We are happy to announce the acquisition of an epoxy and chemical grout injection company, C&R Epoxy Systems, LLC. This acquisition will further enhance our capabilities as an industrial concrete repair specialist and coatings applicator.

Services Include:

  • CRACK REPAIR – of structural cracks via epoxy or polyurethane injection or water bearing cracks by injection of chemical grouts. (water treatment plants, lift stations, pools, tunnels,elevator pits)
  • JOINT REPAIR – of failed expansion or control joints, joint nosings, sea-wall joints, etc. Dustless grinding equipment allows for repairs in occupied spaces or dust sensitive environments.
  • CONCRETE REPAIR – of distressed structural or non-structural concrete. Structural members, walls, decks (above and below grade). State-of-the-art repair mortars used.
  • WATERPROOFING – installation of negative and positive side waterproof membrane or capillary waterproofing above and below grade. (planters, walls, elevator pits, etc.)
  • STRUCTURAL MEMBER STRENGTHENING – exterior strengthening of distressed beams and columns. Under the direction of a structural engineer, we install carbon fiber, FRP or epoxy and utilize steel plate techniques to the engineered member.

To learn more, please visit the C&R Epoxy Systems, LLC. website.

Epoxy Injection For Crack Repair

Polyurea Installation in Construction Joints

Expansion Joint Installation

Waterproofing Installation